Honey and Pollen Combo

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Our popular Ultra-Premium Honey paired with our Ultra-Premium Pollen. 

Save 25%!

Get 1lb of Bees Shepherd Ultra-Premium Honey with the jar of our Ultra-Premium Pollen and save 25%! 

Use your honey as a morning spread, in your coffee or tea, or a wonderful food glaze, while sprinkling your pollen granules on your morning yogurt or afternoon salad for a maximum immune system protection. 


Wildflower honey is exactly what it sounds like. Derived from a variety of wildflowers and plants which are blooming during the summer months. Wildflower honey can range anywhere from a very dark honey to a light honey. Every year it changes with what blooms are produced by what plants. Rainfall and weather affect what plants are produced. Folks like wildflower honey for it's various characteristics in taste. This honey has a delightful taste and a great all around honey to use.


Our Lemon Blossom Honey is mild and smoothly textured with a delicate taste of lemon. This honey comes from the bees that feed on the California Lemon Trees. This truly raw, unprocessed, lemon honey is not infused like you can find on many stores shelfs.

Our honey is the perfect sweetener that can be used in various recipes, as well as adding a wonderful flavor to your teas and coffees. If you struggle having to get your kids to eat honey, try this one! You’ll surely be amazed as to how much they love it!  


Meet nature’s multivitamin! 

Impressive Nutritional Profile With More Than 250 Active Substances!

  • High Antioxidant Content Protects From Free Radicals and Chronic Diseases
  • May Lower Heart Disease Risk Factors Like High Blood Lipids and Cholesterol
  • May Boost Liver Function and Protect Your Liver From Toxic Substances
  • Packs Several Compounds With Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • May Help You Avoid Illness by Boosting Immunity and Killing Bacteria
  • May Aid Wound Healing and Prevent Infections
  • May Have Anticancer Properties
  • May Ease Menopausal Symptoms Like Hot Flashes
  • May Improve Nutrient Utilization, Metabolism and Longevity
  • Safe for Most People and Easy to Add to Your Diet

How to use it:

Start small, with half a teaspoon, and work your way up to 1-2 teaspoons per day.  

Supplement with a handful as needed, or generously sprinkle over granola, smoothies, toast, and salads. Ideal pre- and post-workout fuel.

Carbs: 40%
Protein: 35%
Water: 4–10%
Fats: 5%
Other substances: 5–15%

People with pollen or bee sting allergies should avoid pollen products, as they may cause symptoms such as itching, swelling, shortness of breath or anaphylaxis.

These products may also interact negatively with blood thinners, such as warfarin.

Pregnant or lactating women should avoid bee pollen products, as evidence is lacking that they’re completely safe for babies.