About Us

We are family operated backyard like beekeeper operation located in Northern California. We got fed up watching disturbing news about how bees are endangered and disappearing. So we wanted to help the bees. Our love for bees turned into passion. We were never interested in the pollination business where bees are hauled on the tracks from one field to another to pollinate monoculture pesticides covered fields. This is not good for the bees, nor is it healthy for humans to consume products created in such way. So we decided to try something new and more natural. To keep the “backyard” vibe, we partner up with a local landowners who were kind enough to host our hives (in exchange for some of our delicious raw honey, of course!). Our philosophy was to build a small beehive yards away from the monoculture pesticides sprayed fields so we can provide superior products to our customers. 
Bees Shepherd Nursery boxes are colorful and beautiful
Bees Shepherd Bees at work creating your ultra-premium honey